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Hi, this is my first website so tell me if its good plz.

Hello, I realy like lateral thinking questions, magic tricks and all sorts of stuff like that. Here is a question;

In your hands you have two coins (one coin in each hand),

The sum of the coins is 30p,

In one hand you don't have a 20p,

What coins do you use?


The answer is below in white. to see it highlight the space below.

You have a 20p and a 10p. Although the puzzle sais

"In one hand you don't have a 20p"

It dosn't say anything about the other hand,

Therefore the 20p is in the other hand.

The answer is above.


That a realy easy one so you probaly guessed it quite quickly. For more and harder ones go to the Lateral Thinking Question page.



I am quite a magic fan and can do some cool stuff.


A simple magic trick is the elastic band finger trick.

You start with an elastic band on two curled up fingers, your index and middle. Strangely when you fingers go straight, the elastic band seems to have jumped from them to your forefinger and you pinky!


The Secret 


The elastic band is ordinary. What to do is get the band and put it on the two fingers. Then strech it like in the diagram below

 Now put all your fingers in the band (no not your thumb).

 Then let go and Tadda! Put your fingers straight and thats the trick! Now you can show of to your friends! I will post more on the magic page.

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